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Five Dragon Pool

Five Dragon Pool is located in Lixia District of Jinan, with Baotu Spring in the south and Daming Lake in the north. There are many famous springs around the pool, forming the Five Dragon Pool Spring Group. With 27 springs inside, it is one of the four major spring groups in Jinan. The construction style of the park gathers the essence of southern gardens. This water area is surrounded by silky willows, elegant and unique, forming a natural beautiful fairyland. The Park was built in 1985 and now it has become a major attraction in Jinan.
Five Dragon Pool is 70 meters long, 5 meters wide, 4 meters deep. The water consumption reaches to 8,600-43,000 cubic meters per day, ranking third among the "four major spring groups" in Jinan. The five springs in the pool pass through the north moat and finally flow into the Xiaoqing River.
Highlights of Five Dragon Pool 
Five Dragon Pool is also known as Jing Pond or Longju Spring, which was a part of Daming Lake in the ancient times. According to the legend, in the old days, whenever there was a severe drought, it would be very efficient if praying for the rain to the pool. Therefore, in the early years of the Yuan Dynasty, a temple was built along the pool with five dragon gods molded inside. Since then the pool has been called as Five Dragon Pool.
The Five Dragon Pool Park covers an area of 5.44 hectares, of which the water surface covers for 0.8 hectares. It is a beautiful park formed by ponds, pools, streams, pavilions and other landscapes.
Five Dragon Pool Spring Group has the best water quality among all the springs in Jinan. The water gushing from the bottom of the pool to form the ancient hot springs, Dongliu Spring, Huima Spring, and Lian Spring. The water overflows from the rocky crevices on the banks of the pool and finally falls into the clear stream. 
The Ancient Hot Spring is located on the southeast side of the pool. It is named because of the water’s high temperature and long history. Even in the cold winter when it snow heavily, the hot steam also evaporates from the spring.
Xuanqing Spring, also known as the Xianqing Spring, is located on the north side of the pool. The spring pool is 2.4 meters deep and irregular in shape. There are natural stones surrounding around the pool. The water is clear and cold and the scenery is pleasant and beautiful. In the Qing Dynasty, there was an exquisite waterscape garden - Langyuan Garden near the spring, which was abandoned later. People built Lanhong Pavilion on its original site later.

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