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Huayang Palace

Huayang Palace is located in Licheng District, Jinan City. It is an ancient Taoist temple in Jinan. It is the largest ancient building complex in Jinan, with well-arranged layout and exquisite building skills. At the same time, there are more than 300 square meters of the ancient murals in the temple, which are precious and rare.
Highlights of Huayang Palace
The exact building year of Huayang Palace is unknown. During the Qin and Han dynasties, the emperors had held many ceremonies in this area and Jinan was developed into a Taoist holy land. In 1220 of Jin Dynasty, the Huayang Palace was rebuilt by Chen Zhiyuan. Since then, the palace became famous and well-known gradually.
In the past, it was composed of more than 10 courtyards. Every year, it attracted many pilgrims coming to worship Taoism. Huayang Palace is named after being located in the sunny side of Huashan Mountain. There are many Taoist temples in the moutain, including the Mianhua Hall, Dragon King Temple, Sanhuang Palace, Sanyuan Palace, Guandi Temple, Taishan Palace and Buddhist Jingtu Temple, etc. There are various temples with different status inside.
Huayang Palace is surrounded by mountains and lakes. There are dozens of vigorous and lush towering cypresses around Huayang Palace. The halls underneath the trees are very ancient. Walking under the trees, people can have a sense of unpredictability and detachment. 
The Siji Palace is located at the back of the axis of Huayang Palace, which is built on a tall platform. There are stone fences on both sides of the paths, grand and majestic. On the east and west sides, there are the ancient cypress with crossed branches. The "Blessing Cypress" and "Luofeng Cypress" were planted during the Sui Dynasty according to the records.
According to legend, there was a phoenix that fell on a tree in the ancient time. As long as you wind the red line three times on the two ancient cypresses and burn the incense three times, the boys will be healthy and knowledgeable and the girl will be beautiful and intelligent when they grow up.
The existing buildings in the Siji Palace are the relics of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Ancient murals were left on the walls on both sides. There are nine statues of gods in the temple, among which the Jade Emperor one is placed in the middle. On the west side is the Heavenly King Li while on the east is Great White Planet, both of who are immortals in Taoism. 

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