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Kuanhouli Jinan is located in Lixia District, the core area in Jinan. It was designed by Shimao Group. It was used for preserving the old architecture and folk cultures in Jinan. Kuanhouli is a historical district in Jinan, where the history and modernity blend together. Kuanhouli promotes the trinity of style, cultural transmission and business.
It is a situational consumer block integrating commerce, tourism, and culture together. It gathers folklore life experience, public welfare expo, fashionable catering, entertainment and leisure, special curation, scene reproduction and other business formats.
History of Shimao Kuanhouli Jinan
About Kuanhouli, it is necessary to mention a street called "Sanqu Alley". According to the local people, the northern end of Sanqu Alley was located west of the intersection of Lishanding Street and Kuanhouli Street. The alley ends at Heihuquan West Road to the south, where is approximately the outer square of Kuanhouli.
There was an old well located between the gables of two houses in the alley. At that time, the nearby residents usually came to get water from the well. The water was very clear and sweet. 
The name of Kuanhouli comes from the legends. According to legend, during the early Qing Dynasty, Kuanhouli was a place where the dignitaries and rich people lived together. At that time, it was quite popular to expand the houses into various styles to show their extravagance. The residents all kept expanding their own courtyards to the roads. Among them, two families went from vying for a wall to giving each other a favor, becoming a model of neighborhood harmony. Later, the neighbors all followed the model. 
Another theory is that there used to be a charity organization called "Kuanhousuo" at the west part of the street, hence the name.
In the past, the former Kuanhoulu Area was intricate that people were easy to get lost. During the renovation work, the ancient streets and buildings were preserved well. Since 2015, the Kuanhouli Area has become a new appearance. It has become one of the Jinan's landmarks and famous tourism area.

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