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Daming Lake Underwater World

Daming Lake Underwater World is located in Lixia District, on the bank of the beautiful Daming Lake in Jinan. It is a modern marine biology exhibition hall, integrating marine tourism, underwater sightseeing and popular science together. It obtains more than 500 kinds of aquatic creatures and marine animals. It is the first large-scale marine biology theme aquarium in Jinan.
Layout of Daming Lake Underwater World
The main building of Daming Lake Underwater World is divided into two floors. The underground area includes the freshwater biological area, live coral viewing area, undersea sightseeing tunnel, 3D ocean experience hall, mermaid show area and fantasy jellyfish palace. The first floor includes the ocean performance theater, crocodile and turtle viewing area.
In the freshwater biological area, the colorful and peculiar-shaped fish swim happily, sleep quietly, or entertain tourists. There are various species of fishes, qixing saury, white shark and etc. The strange creatures, such as xiang fish, pencil fish, piranhas, Chinese sturgeon and tiger catfish can all been seen here, making people amazed at the extraordinary and eye-catching life undersea. 
In the living coral viewing area, there are bubble coral, kaleidoscope coral and sea anemone. This area is full of the dazzling cute creatures, which bring you into the colorful underwater coral world. 
The fairy-like jellyfish in the fantasy jellyfish palace floats in the water. Here, the tentacles with the edge of the umbrella are dancing in the water, elegant and beautiful. It is the elves and the "ballet dancers" in the sea. The fantasy jellyfish palace displays dozens of species of the jellyfish, most of which are imported from abroad. The displayed varieties mainly include haiyue jellyfish, ribbon jellyfish, inverted jellyfish, hair jellyfish, flower hat jellyfish, color jellyfish and so on. These crystal and clear creatures will lead you into the azure dream world.
The undersea tunnel is a wonderful part of the underwater world. The top of the tunnel is the blue water and shoals of colorful fish. Sometimes a ray swims over your head, and sometimes a beautiful sea turtle swims by you. Or suddenly the sharks swim behind you. There are also the bagoong fish, yuanyan fish, hawksbill turtles, and silver pomfrets all around you, making you immersive in the vast and mysterious sea.

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