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Zhujiayu Scenic Area

Zhujiayu Scenic Area is situated nearly 45 kilometers to eastern area of Jinan. It is the only so called "Chinese historical and cultural village" in Shandong Province. Rated as a national 4A Class Scenic Spot, the village is renowned for the well-protected historical buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The village is also known as the longevity village, where some residents are known to stay healthy into their nineties or even become centenarians.
Ideal rustic destination
Zhujiayu lies in a valley surrounded by the green mountains. It is rated as one of the twenty-four well-known historical and cultural villages in China in the year 2005. This village is an isolated one but quite famous. Most of the historical buildings in this village were built from 1368 to 1911.
According to experts' research, the unearthed pottery found in Zhujiayu can be dated back to the Xia and Shang Periods, with a history of more than 3,800 years. With a history of nearly six hundred years, Zhujiayu is a perfect spot for the tranquility, bringing people more chances to get in touch with the nature.
Zhujiayu is encircled by a big old wall of vast rocks. The entrance to the ancient village is a beautiful arched door. Due to the regional geology, the ancient village is typically constructed by the stones and the rocks from the mountains nearby. Here, several traditional buildings present attractive and pleasant scenery of the village.
Zhujiayu has nearly 200 large and small ancient buildings from Ming and Qing dynasties, over 20 various stone bridges, more than 20 well springs, and around 10 temples. It is well surrounded by the endless plants with beautiful blooming flowers. Most of the buildings are simply two storied or one storied. Most of the houses have the exquisite carvings over the roofs and windows, which show the former glory of village. From the neighboring mountains, the rivers and creeks flow winding the entire village, clear and peaceful. Over ninety quaint stone bridges were built in the last few centuries. Each bridge is different in styles and designs.

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