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Shandong Geology Museum

Shandong Geology Museum is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It is a local comprehensive geological science museum in China. It was built in 1976 and opened in 1986. The new site of Shandong Geological Museum opened in 2017, covering an area of more than 4,300 square meters. It is the science popularization bases in China. It is an important window to showcase the achievements of Shandong Province’s geological scientific research and popularize earth science knowledge. 
Layout of Shandong Geology Museum
Shandong Geology Museum mainly collects the physical specimens, geological data and mineral treasures, popularizes geological science and technology, and conducts geological and mineral research. 
There are many precious treasures and more than 10,000 specimens in the museum. The large natural gold crystal clusters weighing 812.5 grams was found in Qixia. The natural gold nuggets were found in Laizhou and Zhaoyuan. The specimens of the native diamonds and diamond placers in various crystal shapes were unearthed in the Yimeng Mountains. There is also an octahedral diamond with intact crystal shape, the plant fossils, fish fossils, and other animal fossils such as turtles, snakes, mammal rhinos, deer and tapirs.
The new museum has three floors and seven exhibition halls. The first floor is divided into the Preface Hall, the Earth Hall and the Life Evolution Hall, telling about the knowledge about earth and the evolution process of lives. The second floor is the Treasure Hall and the Brilliant Achievement Hall. The Halls show the major achievements of Shandong Province's geological works. The third floor is the Land Feature Hall and the Stone Hall.
At the same time, the museum also has a temporary exhibition hall for calligraphy, painting and a 4D dynamic cinema. The audience can be completely immersed in a realistic simulation environment, experiencing various geological phenomena, with a strong sense of visual impact.
The museum also often holds temporary exhibitions of gemstones, colored stones, inkstones, ceramics, glass, building decoration materials, mountain bonsai and etc. It also holds geoscience summer camps and other interesting activities for the public. 

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