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Yellow River Forest Park

The Yellow River Forest Park is located in Jinan’s Tianqiao District, on the north bank of the Yellow River, covering an area of 1,500 acres. The park has 300,000 trees of various kinds. The trees in the park are evergreen and lush, with the fresh air and the fragrant flowers. The TV series "Nineteen Sisters of Gan", "Wu Xun", "Confucius" and "The Art of War" were filmed here. It is a refreshing and pleasant tourism destination in Jinan.
Main attractions in Yellow River Forest Park
There are nearly 100 various water pools and ponds in the park. The highlights in the park mainly include the Yellow River Park, Riverside Park, Waterscape Park and Ecological Park. 
The ancient Yellow River in the park is 80 kilometers long. The park has a forest area of 1,080 hectares and the forest coverage rate is 65%. The water area is 385 hectares and the annual water level is about 2.5 meters.
The stone statues of the Chinese zodiac in the park are vivid and lively. The colorful fountains spew out clear water, forming the beautiful rainbows. In the evening, the park's colored lights are illuminated, becoming a good time for people to enjoy the leisure and entertainment. Some indulge in the singing on the concert stage, some stroll and chat in the garden. The children laugh, chase, and play by the water of the Yellow River, under the weeping willow trees.
The design of the park is based on the protection and utilization of existing forest resources and water resources. It gives full play to the natural landscapes and highlights the integration of human, scenery and urban environment together. The urban history is integrated into the park as well.          
The park has Jinan's one and only three-mile forest ring racecourse, which brings you shock and excitement. The park has a new barbecue area of 5,000 square meters with complete barbecue facilities, allowing you to enjoy the fun of picnic. The park has the pollution-free special vegetables, which are fresh and delicious with unique flavor. There is a fishing pond of 1,800 square meters. The roller skating rinks, billiards, table tennis, archery, shooting, children's playground and other entertainment projects could be also found in the park. A large-scale amusement paradise is newly built in the park with various projects such as parachute, Dadu River, training swing, maze, ladder, hammock, etc.

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