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Jiudingta Folk Custom Park

Jiudingta Folk Custom Park is located in Licheng District, 20 kilometers away from Jinan City. It is a large-scale original ecological cultural tourism area integrating Chinese ethnic customs, scenic spots, amusement and adventure, ice and snow culture, equestrianism and leisure vacation, and cultural performances together. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Main attractions at Jiudingta Folk Custom Park
The park brings together 16 ethnic minorities, including Dai, Zhuang, Tibetan, Yi, Wa, Mosuo, and 6 Shandong dwellings including Quancheng, Taishan, Huanghe, Yimeng, Jiaodong and Weishanhu. The park shows six major cultures including the residential architecture, folk customs, singing and dancing, costumes, catering and folk crafts of various ethnic groups in different regions.
More than a dozen fashionable and advanced entertainment projects in the park are all free. There are the challenging projects, such as zip lines, bungee jumping, rock climbing. The grass skating, live-action CS, and pulleys that are popular all over the world. The golf, bumper cars, archery, horseback riding, ATV, water challenger and other entertainment projects are also popular among people.  
The two sides of the Happy Garden are green and shaded. There is a canyon with a length of 40 meters and a depth of 30 meters. There are dozens of bridges and arches connected by various suspension bridges, rattan bridges, buyun bridges and single-plank bridges on both sides. The bottom of the valley is gurgling and the waterfalls are beautiful. All the projects in Happy Garden are interesting and participatory, deeply loved by young people.
The theater in the park has elaborately created five major real-life dramas. There are many classic participating dramas such as "Tunnel War", "Flash Flood", "The Hero Qin Qiong", "Wu Song" and "Liu Sanjie". It is the scenic area with the most live drama performances in China.
The original folk songs and dances from 16 ethnic groups make people feel the culture of different nationalities. People can also taste the local snacks, learn the local handicrafts, make and taste the local wine by themselves, and buy various local products. There are the wonderful folk stunt performances waiting for visitors to appreciate.
The projects in the park provide people with the chances to learn the national cultural knowledge. People can feel the infinite joy through the challenging sports and other projects.

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