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Shunjing Street

Shunjing Street is located in the Lixia District of Jinan City. It is a north-south road in the downtown area of Jinan City. It starts from Heihequan Road in the south, Quancheng Road in the north, Kuanhouli Street in the east, and Shualv Alley in the west. The street is 317 meters long and 20 meters wide, with a green belt of about 1 meter in the middle. The left and right lanes are each 6-8 meters wide with an asphalt pavement. The sidewalks on both sides are 2-5 meters wide with cement brick pavement.
At present, Shunjing Street is a veritable commercial street, mainly engaged in electronic products especially the mobile phones. It is one of the three major mobile phone distribution centers in China. 
History of Shunjing Street
Shunjing Street is named after the Shun Well in the street. Shun Well is named after the allusion of Dashun. The locals are very familiar with the story of Dashun. According to ancient records, Dashun lost his mother when he was a child. His stepmother and younger brother tricked Dashun into washing the well, and threw many rocks into the well. Dashun was lucky enough to escape from the cavern underground and then he found a spring by coincidence. It is known as Shun Spring and Shun Well. 
Shun Well was very famous in history. Many famous literary masters such as Ouyang Xiu, Su Zhe, Yuan Haowen and Zeng Gong have left many poems praising the well.
There is an iron chain hanging at the mouth of the Shun Well. According to the legend, it was Dayu who brought down a dragon and locked it in the well during the floods to avoid more deaths and losses.
In the old days, there was a stone stele besides the well. The Shun Temple on the street is grand in scale and the hall is magnificent. There is the Eying Hall, where stands the statues of Ehuang and Nvying. 
The Yingxiang Palace Stele was erected in 1323 during the Yuan Dynasty in the temple. It is written by Zhang Yanghao. The inscription records the building process of Shun Temple and Yingxiang Palace. 

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