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Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural District

Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural District is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It is also known as Baihua Ting, Baihua Pond and Xiaonan Lake. It is located east of Qushuiting Street. The historical area is more than 7,000 square meters. 
Baihuazhou was much larger in the ancient times. The dwellings on the east coast of Baihuazhou were originally small islands in the water. In 1072 of the Northern Song Dynasty, the famous writer Zeng Gong was dispatched to Jinan as the governor. Later, the island was built on Daming Lake. The island is full of flowers and the scenery is very pleasant.
The willows are planted along the bank of the water, elegant and graceful. The red lotus flowers are in full blooming in summer. Two hundred meters near Baihuazhou, there is the famous Pearl Spring Groups. The water of the Pearl Spring Groups flows into this place through the tortuous Yudai River, and then flows through the Quehua Bridge into Daming Lake. These old streets and alleys add the unique historical charm to this old city.
The geographical location of Baihuazhou area has a strong cultural atmosphere. There are countless old streets and alleys in Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural District. There are many historical and cultural stories about this area, which is a good place to learn about Jinan’s stories.
The Baihuazhou area is different from the general commercial tourism projects. It creates the unique spring culture based on the development of featured springs and humanistic excavation of the residences. The folk culture here is based on residential, lanes and folk arts with harmonious coexistence of the five major religions. 
The health care culture here is based on the authentic Chinese medicine health care and spring water health care.
Strolling along the Baihuazhou area, you can see the spring water near the residential houses everywhere. According to research, these springs have been existed as early as the Ming and Qing dynasties. The residential lanes in Baihuazhou area have basically retained their original pattern. Almost every street and every spring here has a unique humanistic story. From the names of these streets, people can also see the traces of Jinan’s history.

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