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Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area

Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area is located in Licheng District, 50 kilometers southeast of Jinan. There are the dense forests and waterfalls with fresh air in the area, making it a good place for tourism. The winding wooden paths lead directly to the top of the mountain. It is very pleasant to walk in the dense forest, listen to the gurgling sound of the stream, and appreciate the scattered waterfalls. The scenic area covers for 36 kilometers. It is rated as a National Forest Park as well as the National 4A Class Scenic Area.
Main attractions of Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area
Jiuru Canyon is the core area of the Jiuru Mountain Scenic Area. Here, it gathers many rare landscapes in the northern China. Dozens of the waterfalls fall from the sky together and the scenes are extremely spectacular. The ancient vines entangle in the air and the streams gush from the mountain. The two mountain springs Xiaoxue Spring and Daxue Spring are incredibly clear. A pavilion at an altitude of 868 meters stands on the top of the peak, providing people a perfect platform to overlook the continuous peaks and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Tianpeng Waterfall Scenic Area has the most precipitous cliff paths in Jiuru Mountain. Here the Tianpeng Waterfall has the highest drop. The black pine forest allows people to breathe the fresh air.
The Great Wall of Qi was built by King Qi Qihuan during Spring and Autumn Period. It was built by Qi State to defend against the military invasions from other states. It is also the dividing line between Qi and Lu States. The relic has a history of more than two thousand years. It started from Changqing, to the coast of Huangdao District in Qingdao to the east, covering for 18 counties in total. It goes across 1518 peaks, with a total length of 1237.8 miles. The Great Wall of Qi is more than 400 years earlier than the Great Wall of Qin, so it could be called as the "Father of the Great Wall of China".

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