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Baiyun Lake

Baiyun Lake is also named as Liulang Zhongbei. It is located 20 kilometers of the northwest of Zhangqiu District, Jinan City. It covers an area of 17.36 square kilometers. The tourism construction projects began in 1988. It has now become a provincial water conservancy scenic spot in Shandong Province.
Baiyun Lake originates from the intersection of the alluvial pluvial plains in front of the mountains and the floodplains of the Yellow River and Xiaoqing River. The lake benefits in flood detention, irrigation and breeding. It is also used for the flood control, drainage and irrigation tasks in the east of Jinan City.
Baiyun Lake is roughly about 7.5 kilometers from east to west and about 2.6 kilometers from north to south, covering 17.36 square kilometers. The water depth ranges from 1 to 3 meters, with a capacity of nearly 80 million cubic meters.
Baiyun Lake is not only beautiful in scenery, but also rich in the aquatic products. It is also an important fishery and aquatic product base in Jinan. It has the largest freshwater aquaculture base in Shandong Province. The lake is rich in fish, soft-shelled turtles, shrimps, water chestnuts, lotus, cattails, reeds and more than 10 kinds of the edible wild plants. People could have a feast here. In addition, Baiyun Lake started to hold the "Lotus Festival" since 1999. It has been successfully held the festival for ten times.
Baiyun Lake Scenic Area is composed of Baiyun Lake Park, Lake Paradise and Ecological Agricultural Sightseeing Park. Baiyun Lake is one of the large-scale natural lake areas in Shandong Province. There are thousands of acres of the red lotus here. In summer, Baiyun Lake has the wide green reeds, lotus leaves and the fragrant lotus flowers reflecting the sun. In addition, the Zodiac Sculpture, Auspicious Bell, Water Recreation Center, Water Bird Island and other attractions are also popular among people.
A large-scale amusement park - Lake Paradise integrating leisure, entertainment, viewing and fishing was built in 2000. There are more than 50 amusement facilities. 
Now Baiyun Lake Scenic Area has become an important place for recreational fishing in Jinan as well as a natural forest park in Jinan. 

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