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Jinan Botanical Garden

Jinan Botanical Garden locates in Zhangqiu District, Jinan, which covers an area of 1,158 acres. The construction of the garden was funded by the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture in 2004. It officially opened in September, 2006. As a comprehensive botanical garden, it is a National 4A Class Scenic Area, National Science Education Base as well as an excellent tourist attraction in Jinan. The predecessor of Jinan Botanical Garden is Shenzhou Ecological Park, which was built in 2003. 
Layout of Jinan Botanical Garden
Jinan Botanical Garden is located in the mid-latitude zone and belongs to the warm temperate zone with the semi-humid monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons. It is dry and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool in autumn, and cold in winter. 
Jinan Botanical Garden is divided into various zones, such as science museum, ginkgo garden, peony garden and etc. It has the functions of plant scientific research, germplasm resources protection, popularization of plant knowledge, promotion of the excellent plants, sightseeing and recreation, and ecological demonstration and display. 
Jinan Botanical Garden focuses on the introduction and collection of temperate tree species from northeast, northwest, southern, and central China. It plans to introduce 936 species and cultivate nearly 400,000 plants. More than 10 species of rare and endangered plants are collected in the garden, including the sandalwood, ginkgo, Metasequoia, Liriodendron chinense, Eucommia, Tulip, etc. 
According to the different ecological requirements of plants, Jinan Botanical Garden is designed based on the plant classification system. The art of gardening is displayed in a plant specialized garden to show a unique garden landscape.
There are 12 specialized zones in the garden, including Magnolia Garden, Sakura Garden, Begonia Garden, Rose Garden, Lagerstroemia Pomegranate Garden, Peony Garden, Osmanthus Garden, Chrysanthemum Garden, Bamboo Garden, Pine and Cypress Ginkgo Garden, Medicinal Aromatic Garden, Colored Plant Area, etc. There is also the popular science museum, a wedding garden, a children’s playground and the amusement park with various functions. 
The Flower Exhibition in spring and autumn, tree planting activities, Camping Festival and the prosperous Chinese New Year activities have all been well received by the tourists.

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