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Jinan Travel Season Tips

The most comfortable season to visit Jinan is Autumn, especially from September to October.

The weather in Jinan could be divided into four well-defined seasons. The city is dry and nearly rainless in spring, hot and rainy in summer, crisp in autumn and dry and cold (with a little snow) in winter.

Spring comes at the mid of March and usually lasts to the mid of April. It is a beautiful but particularly short season for the local residents. The weather is windy and sunny. Flowers will bloom and willows will sprout. Comparing with the just past long cold winter, you could really touch Spring.

Summer comes at the beginning of May. It can be a long, hot and humid season, however, it’s the best season for lotus, the city flower of Jinan, to bloom. The temperature is usually above 30℃.

When September comes to Jinan, Autumn begins. It’s the most comfortable and beautiful season for travelling. During Autumn, the leaves turn into red, yellow and orange which makes this mountainous city extraordinarily pretty. If you visit Jinan in Autumn, Red Leaves Valley Park is somewhere you can't miss.

Winter usually begins at the mid of November. It’s a long, dry and cold season with occasional snow. It is a season that features more of Jinan’s profound culture. Walk along a lively Spring Festival Fair while eating some BingTanghulu (crispy sugar-coated haws on a stick), party with friends and families while having a traditional Shandong cuisine can be both memorable and enjoyable. What's more, Daming Lake has some unique charm after snow.

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