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Yellow River Park

Yellow River Park is located on the bank of the Yellow River in Gaijiagou Village, Tianqiao District, Jinan City. The park is designed to cover an area of more than 1,000 acres with the excellent transportation system. The Yellow River turns the ninth bend here. At the same time, the park is also the best viewing spot for the "Misty Rain". The famous painting drew by Zhao Mengfu, a reputed painter and calligrapher of the Yuan Dynasty, depicts this scene.
Yellow River Park is a landmark theme park that showcases Chinese civilization and Yellow River cultures. There are six main scenic spots in the park including the Statue of the Yellow River Mother, the Yellow River Cultural Corridor, the Buddhist Cultural Garden, the Twenty-Four Filial Piety, the Quehua Observatory Platform, and the Gaijiagou Museum. There is also the Sanguan Palace in the park, which enshrines the statues of the Huayan Three Sages. It is a good place to learn cultures of the Yellow River and spend a leisure time.
There are eight characteristic projects in the park, including the historical scene restoration, epic ring-screen theater, organic farm, wild life pool, Taoist Sanguan Palace, Suzhai Palace, golf course and hot-air balloon excursion. 
Yellow River Park is positioned as a modern cultural tourism area with distinctive themes. The goal of the park is to create a pleasant leisure viewing belt of the Yellow River, highlighting the major functions of water recreation, exhibition and tourism. 
The construction content includes fitness, leisure, entertainment facilities and greening projects, etc., based on the promotion of the Yellow River culture and the Shandong culture. The park fully embodies the service, society and public welfare. While developing the cultural industry and tourism industry, it comprehensively promotes the comprehensive service industry in the Jinan. It upgrades a tourism and leisure cultural paradise that integrates catering, entertainment and shopping together.
The Yellow River is a precious tourist resource of Jinan City. The construction of the park allows people to get closer to the Yellow River, show the spectacular sights of the Yellow River in Jinan section and promote the great cultures of the Yellow River.

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