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Longji Mountain

Longji Mountain Scenic Area is located in Licheng District, Jinan City, covering an area of more than 16,000 acres. The unique topography, landforms and the abundant forest resources form a unique mountain forest microclimate. The scenery in the mountains is majestic and splendid. 
Main attractions of Longji Mountain
Longji Mountain Scenic Area consists of six areas, including the Buddhist cultural area, Ecological Flower Sea Area, fruit picking area, jungle adventure area, outdoor sports area, and leisure resort area. The scenic area has the largest terraced lavender area. The purple lavender is quite beautiful among the green mountains. In addition, there are countless kinds of exotic flowers and plants in the scenic area, which make travelers linger.
Guanyin Cave is a natural cave that rarely forms on the upper area of the mountain. There are many stalactites in the cave, which have different shapes and look vivid. According to textual research, the cave is probably formed by the collapse of the rocks.
Around Guanyin Cave, there are the lush ancient trees and romantic flowers blooming in all seasons, with fresh air. Along the way from the foot of the mountain to the top, the winding paths are quiet with the ancient trees shading the sky.
According to legend, Guanyin Cave was created by Guanyin. The ancestors of the village found a strange light in the mountains, so they were curious and found out a cave on the mountain where the golden light flashed. Later, Guanyin appeared and told locals to plant hawthorn tree. If the trees were planted successful, the goodness would satisfy their desires. Today, during the festivals, the villagers still remain the tradition of going up the mountain to worship in the cave and pray for blessings.
There is a large pool in the west of Yuquan Temple, the water of which is green and clear. On the north side of the Yuquan Temple, there is a large hall where the Sakyamuni Buddha is enshrined. On both sides are the lotus thrones of eighteen Arhat Tathagata Buddhas. Many pilgrims came to pray in the temple. Behind Yuquan Temple, there is an ancient maple tree, which is said to be more than 800 years old.
The beautiful Ecological Flower Sea Area is an ideal destination for tourists to get close to the nature. It could be used in weddings, filming, team training and science education.

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