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Jinan Travel Overview

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province in East China. It is well-known not only for its picturesque landscape but also for its lavish history since the very beginning of civilization. The present-day Jinan has evolved into a busy hub of national and regional transportation.

Jinan is regarded as the “Spring City” in China because it is rare to see many artesian springs in northern part of China, however, Jinan housed 72 of them which earned it the reputation. Among these 72 springs, Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, and Baimai Springs are attractions you can’t miss. In addition, there are continuous mountains surrounding the waters in which Thousand Buddha Mountain and Jinan’s southern-mountain area are two most popular attractions to visit

Not just its beautiful scenery makes Jinan famous but also its delicious cuisine. Shandong cuisine is ranked as first and foremost of the eight major branches of Chinese cuisines. The excellent flavor of the foods and the hospitability of the local residents will definitely make you impressed.

Recommended Attractions
a.must-go places
Daming Lake Park
Baotu Spring Park
Shandong Museum
Qianfo Mountain
Four-door Pagoda
Quancheng Square
Red Leaves Canyon
Southern Mountains Area

b.also worthy to go
Baimai Springs
Five Dragon Pool Park
Black Tiger Spring Park
Great Southern Mosque
Jinan International Garden EXPO Park
Jinan Zoo

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