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Liberation Pavilion

Liberation Pavilion is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It has become not only an important education base for revolutionary history, but also one of Jinan's symbolic buildings. Liberation Pavilion was rated as a Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit in Shandong Province in 1977.
Features of Liberation Pavilion
In 1963, Jinan used the southeast corner of the original inner city to build a platform, in order to commemorate the victory of the Jinan Campaign. In the 1980s, a pavilion started to be constructed on the platform in memory of the revolutionary martyrs. The Liberation Pavilion was completed in 1988.
The Liberation Pavilion is 30 meters high with a construction area of 620 square meters. It is a two-story pavilion-style building. The platform base is 10 meters high and covers for 1,637 square meters. The pavilion was inlaid with 3 characters entitled "Liberation Pavilion" by Chen Yi. The pavilion is painted with various patterns, including flowers, fish, insects, birds and animals. The whole building is majestic and magnificent. The platform is all built with the thick stones, which are surrounded by the stone fences on all sides. There are the stone steps on the left and right sides of the platform for climbing. 
Standing on the Liberation Pavilion, people can not only pay tribute to the heroic achievements of the martyrs, but also enjoy the panorama views of Jinan City.
The first floor of the pavilion is the memorial hall. The outer wall is made of granite while the inner wall is covered by the wood to the top. The color of the hall is based on red. The center of the hall is veneered with the blue and white marble to build a thick base. The three-meter soldier statues highlight the solemn atmosphere of the hall. Around the outer wall of the memorial hall, there is a 35-meter-long relief sculpture made of white marble. The magnificent scene strengthens the grandness of the revolutions.
The second floor is the observation hall, which is based on light yellow. Its ground is covered by the yellow marble, surrounded with the stone walls. The upper part is a lantern window with an ethnic style, inlaid with glass.

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