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Sanwangyu Scenic Area

Sanwangyu Scenic Area is located in Jinan’s Zhangqiu District. It is divided into five areas, including mountain area, art and culture area, spring area, farm village area, and leisure and entertainment area. It is composed of 8 ridges, 8 mountains, 10 springs, 18 lakes and ponds, and more than 100 sightseeing spots. The main peak, Shuangfeng Peak, is 795.2 meters above the sea level. The mountains in the park are continuous and majestic, with beautiful peaks, dense vegetation and deep valleys. The springs and streams have clear water which is rich in minerals beneficial to health. It is a National 3A Class Scenic Area. 
Main attractions at Sanwangyu Scenic Area
The name of Sanwangyu has a long history. At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, it was named after Fan Ke, Wei Fang and Yu Ping, who were appointed by Fan Chong to be stationed here. 
From the end of the Ming Dynasty to the middle of the Qing Dynasty, with the prosperity of the textile industry, people began to plant mulberries and raise silkworms at Sanwangyu area. According to the inscriptions of the Qing Dynasty, there were eight silkworm farm at that time, which was in a grand scale.
The scenery of Sanwangyu Scenic Area is different in four seasons. In spring, the mountain is full of red flowers. In summer, the mountain is green. The red leaves spread all over the ridge in autumn and the pine and cypress covered by the snow in winter. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you will have a panoramic view of the mountains, rivers, villages, clouds and flowing water, quiet and splendid.
The main attractions at Sanwangyu Scenic Area include the ancient villages of the Western Han Dynasty, the ancient village of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Huixian Bridge, Qiankun Stone, Wuji Cave, Taiji Pagoda, Moon Lake, Lao Spring, Xiang Spring, Feilong Spring, Lin Spring, Da Spring, and terraced spring, etc. 
The art museum exhibits the ancient daily necessities and handicrafts since the Sui Dynasty, and hundreds of the rare ancient and modern paintings and calligraphy works. 
The amusement activities in the scenic area include fishing, cockfighting, hunting, and local opera performances. There is also a hotel in the park, which can hold small and medium-sized meetings.

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