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Jinxiang Mountain

Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area is located in Licheng District, southern part of Jinan, with an area of 4,000 acres. The unique terrain, landforms and abundant forest resources in the scenic area form an excellent place for people to relax. After five years of planning and construction, Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area has now developed into a large-scale comprehensive scenic area, integrating excursion, leisure, conference, outreach training and winter skiing together. 
Main attractions of Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area
Jinxiang Mountain Scenic Area has various amusement projects, including the Ice Sculpture Paradise, Happy Valley, Rainbow Valley, Xiaoyao Valley, Water Park, CS Base and etc. There are unique large-scale video games such as century flying saucers, space shuttles, crazy tracks, luxury carousels, tornadoes, and more than 200 other participatory and interactive amusement projects.
The colorful and dazzling ice world in the Ice Sculpture Paradise will make you linger, and the various ice sculptures will feast your eyes. The colorful ice sculptures, ice corridors, ice arches, ice and snow bars and ice sculpture slides will let you immersive in a colorful fairy tale world.
In the Rainbow Valley, the floral fragrance fills the air with a moist scent. Under the bright sunshine, the drizzles in the sky form a colorful rainbow under the sunlight. Walking through the jungle, the splashing waterfall and the mossy stone make a pleasant crash. Several birds fly through the jungle and the pavilion is faintly visible in a distance.
In the Dinosaur Kingdom, there are the highly simulated primitive tropical forests, the rough Tyrannosaurus rex, the graceful and huge tanystropheus, smart and sensitive velociraptor. All of these will increase your adrenaline and cause a fast heartbeat. 
The Happy Valley brings together more than 200 kinds of amusement facilities together, which can increase the physical strength, improve communication skills and challenge awareness. The majestic mountains and green trees around are even more lingering. The large-scale electric amusement facilities such as Century Flying Saucers and Pirate Ships make people laugh loudly in the rapid rotation and movement.
The CS Base is originated in the United States and Europe, and quickly became popular all over the world. With an explosive bag on your back and a machine gun in your hand, you are fully prepared for the combat. The bunkers, trenches, aircraft, and artillery give full play to your combat skills. Shoot, conceal and hide. Here is the paradise of the brave and the world of the wise.

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