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Shandong Provincial Post and Telecommunications Museum

Shandong Provincial Post and Telecommunications Museum locates in Shizhong District. It was built in July 1918, which was a typical German-style brick-wood structure architecture. The museum now has a collection of more than 200 cultural relics and more than 400 photos and videos of post and telecommunications. People can learn about the history and development process of the ancient and modern post and telecommunications, such as Morse code interactive experience, LED, etc. as well as feel the new achievements of the modern communications technology through location services, video surveillance, internet etc. 
Features of Shandong Provincial Post and Telecommunications Museum
The building of the museum itself is a cultural relic. The beautiful shape of this century-old building is a work of art. The overall building of the museum has a brick-wood structure with the exterior walls covered with stone slab. The roof is covered with red tiles and the floor is paved with wood. The main building has two floors above the ground and one underground floor. 
The Japanese army invaded and occupied Jinan in 1937 and the building became the residence of the Japanese commander at that time. When the Japanese army surrendered in 1945, the building was taken over by the government. It served as the official residence of Wang Yaowu, the governor of Shandong Province. After 1948, the building was used as an office venue for the Shandong Provincial Post and Telecommunications Administration. The museum was planned to be built in 2009. 
The exhibition of the museum is divided into three parts on different floors.
The theme of the first floor shows the post and telecommunications in the old days. The exhibits are basically the postal cultural relics before 1949.
The theme on the second floor is the development process of Post and Telecommunications. The main exhibits are the telegraph and telephone equipments in various periods with different functions and types.
On the third floor, the theme is about future that all the modern communication equipment are displayed here.

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