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Jinan Forest Park

Jinan Forest Park is located in Huaiyin District, Jinan City. The total area of the park is 1,043 acres, of which the green area is about 60.1 hectares and the water system area is about 4.8 hectares. Jinan Forest Park is the only comprehensive urban park in the west of Jinan City that integrates various landscapes and a variety of functions including recreation, science popularization, fitness, and risk prevention together.
Layout of Jinan Forest Park
The overall layout of Jinan Forest Park is "one ring, one axis, five lakes and nine parks". "One Ring" is the tree-lined landscape road that surrounds the whole park. "One Axis" is the central main axis running through the natural landscape of the north and south. "Five Lakes" are the main water landscapes in the park, including Lancui Lake, Yongcui Lake, Yingcui Lake, Huayu Bay, and Jicui Pond. "Nine Gardens" are the specialized parks, including terrace garden, sculpture garden, popular science garden, spring garden, summer garden, autumn garden, cedar garden, bamboo garden and children's garden.
The abundant wetland seedling vegetations in the park play an active role in improving air quality, conserving water sources and providing biological habitats.
The Science Museum in the park is equipped with a plant science exhibition hall, a 3D projection hall and a specimen storage room, which can systematically exhibit the evolution process of nature.
In the east of the park, there is an open fitness plaza of 8,000 square meters, with more than 60 pieces of equipment such as basketball, badminton courts, table tennis tables, chess tables, etc., which can accommodate more than 500 people at the same time. The children’s playground in the western part of the park is all padded with soft sea sand. It is said that the park has the most sea sand among the parks in Jinan. There are more than 20 amusement facilities imported from Finland. 
A total of 18 sets of sculptures have been completed in Jinan Forest Park. Later, the garden department increases the high-quality sculptures of related themes year by year. By strengthening the cultural interaction with other international cities, exchanging the sculpture works, and inviting famous sculpture masters, the park gradually enriches the contents of sculptures and increases the cultural connotations. In the future, a youth ceramic art sculpture cultural education base will be added to provide children with a platform for education, production and exhibition. 

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