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Wufeng Mountain

Located in Changqing District, Jinan City, Wufeng Mountain or Five Peaks Mountain is an attractive scenery area of the national golden tour line named "One Mountain, One River, and One Saint". Since the ancient time, Wufeng Mountain together with Taishan Mountain and Lingyan Mountain has been called as “Three Mountains in Shandong Province". 
Wufeng Mountain is the forestry base and medicinal material production area of Changqing District. It is also the historical and cultural scenic area because the ancient buildings on the mountain were built during the Jin and Yuan dynasties. Wufeng Mountain’s ancient building complex has become a municipal cultural relic protection unit.
Highlights of Wufeng Mountain
Wufeng Mountain is a branch range of Tai Mountain, the highest peak of which is 395 meters high above the sea-level. Wufeng Mountain is famous for the five beautiful peaks, including Yingxian Peak, Wangxian Peak, Huixian Peak, Zhixian Peak and Qunxian Peak, which gives this mountain the name. Wufeng Mountain belongs to sub-humid continental monsoon climate. 
It is a famous Taoism holy land with a long history. According to the inscription on the tablet, it formed in the Qin Dynasty, developed during the Jin and Yuan Dynasties and reached the zenith of prosperity in the Ming Dynasty. The site of Wufeng Mountain ancient buildings covers an area of 1.87 million square meters. The ancient buildings were divided into two parts, south temple and north one. There are the Bixia Palace, Zhenwu Palace, Sanyuan Palace, Jade Emperor Palace and Dragon Temple in the temple, most of which were destroyed during the Qing Dynasty. Catacombs of the princes in six generation were located in the South temple, which is also known as Xuandu Temple. 
Dongzhen Temple, also named as Shenxu Palace, or Da'an Temple. Located at the foot of Zhixian Peak, it is the main building of the whole mountain. The Sanyuan Hall, Zhenwu Temple, Jade Emperor Hall, Sanqing Hall, Jiulian Hall and Luzu Temple are the essence of the scenery. According to records, Dongzhen Temple was founded from 1201-1208 of the Song Dynasty. It was built by Quanzhen Taoist Qiu Zhi. It was expanded in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, which was also named as Huguo Shenxu Palace in the Yuan Dynasty.
The Huanggong Gate is also known as the wooden archway, which is the entrance to Wufeng Mountain. The wooden archway was built on a stone base with four pillars and three doors. Its base was built during the Jin and Yuan Dynasties. There are 8 lying lions carved on the base, each has its own mood. The upper roof of the archway is made of wood. It was built during the Ming Dynasty and was rebuilt in 1990 with new carvings. It is majestic and spectacular. The local people planted 13 cypress trees, in the courtyard around the wooden archway, among which, 12 trees are still preserved.

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