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Baotu Spring

Situated in the downtown area, Baotu Spring is the most renowned attraction in Jinan. It is an artesian karst spring fed by underground limestone water through three outlets. When the underground water supply is sufficient, the volume of the spring could reach up to 240,000 cube meters per day, and the water jetting out could reach 26.49 meters high.

Baotu Spring is considered as a god-gifted spring since its quality is ideal drinking water. To praise it, Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty declared that Baotu Spring as "No.1 Spring under Heaven" and since then Baotu has become the symbol of the city.

A great poet lived during Song Dynast y- Li Qingzhao, has spent the first half of her life in Jinan. She was born in Zhangqiu (now a district of Jinan) then moved to somewhere near Baotu Spring after she married to Zhao Mingcheng. Her former residence inside Baotu Spring Park - Shuyuju, is a fantastic spot for travelers who love poetic culture.
A local beer brand "Baotu Quan" beer is named after the spring and said to be brewed with water from the spring, owing to its transparency and sweetness.

Location: NO.1, Baotuquannanlu(South Baotu Spring Road), Lixia District
Transportation: Bus 11, 42, 507, K109, K170, K54, K95, K96. Daminghu Station.
Ticket: ¥40
Opening hours: 07:00-19:00, from 10th, April to 9th, October;
07:00-18:00, from 10th, October to 9th, April.
Recommended visit time: August-October

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