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Dashigu Forest Park

Jinan Dashigu Forest Park is located in Shigu Village, Shizhong District only 15 kilometers away from the Jinan urban area.
Dashigu Forest Park is also known as "Shigu Ecological Park". It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with continuous peaks and water resources. The park was established in 1997. After 15 years, it has formed into a green land and developed its agricultural production. The planned area of the park is more than 5,000 acres. There are many tree species in the park. With a greening rate of over 90%, it is a veritable natural oxygen bar.
At the end of 2009, under the leadership of Shizhong District Agricultural Development Bureau, Shandong Shiguzhai Urban Agricultural Ecological Park Co., Ltd. was established to rebuild the park. More precious tree species have been planted in the park to from the forest park.
In September 2011, Jinan Dashigu Forest Park was approved as a municipal forest park. The ancient cottage culture is an attractive feature of Dashigu Forest Park. Up to now, Jinan Dashigu Forest Park has successively constructed the vegetable plantations, wooden houses, deer farms, cottages and etc. It also rebuilt the ancient post stations and restored the ancient post roads. The leisure and amusement facilities are also added. 
There are many historical sites in Dashigu Forest Park. The ancient road with a thousand years’ history passes through the park. Many cottage sites show people the historical footprints of the fierce battles of the soldiers in the past. It is a modern agricultural leisure tourism park integrating production, life, ecology, leisure, sightseeing, history, culture and popular science together. 
Dashigu Forest Park is equipped with the high-standard greenhouses, chicken houses, sika deer breeding center and planting centers of miscellaneous grains, vegetables and fruit. The construction and utilization system of the water conservancy facilities is relatively complete and advanced. The top of the mountain is equipped with a 5D glass bridge, which has a length of about 400 meters. 
Dashigu Forest Park also has many interesting attractions including the ancient cottage gates, dragon pavilions, ancient post stations, restored ancient post roads, antique city walls, watchtowers, green sightseeing corridors, leisure wooden houses, fitness swimming pools, etc.

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