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Waterfall Gorge

Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area is located in the southern mountainous area of Jinan, which covers an area of more than 6,000 acres. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. The scenic area was built in 2001 with the investment of more than 20 million Chinese yuan. The area was loved by the majority of tourists. In 2006, another investment was made to expand the scenic area in the second phase. 
The features of Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area
The scenic area ingeniously combines the original ecological characteristics with the humanistic atmosphere, to further improve the function of the scenic area. The newly added entertainment projects include the dynamic water amusement projects and nine-track rafting. The scenic area is divided into five major functional areas, forming a new style attraction integrating tourism, catering, accommodation, and conference reception together. 
The Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area has the largest waterfall group in Jinan City. It is also the first discovering place of the freshwater jellyfish. With the clusters of waterfalls and lush trees, the original vegetation is well preserved here, creating a pure natural eco-tourism environment. Surrounded by mountains, the ancient Qi Great Wall meanders past. Many historical celebrities left their footprints here and many beautiful myths and legends have been spread far and wide.
Main areas of Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area
Entertainment and Leisure Area has the beautiful sculptures on water. It is also a good place for children to play in the water. The unique Jiuqu drifting in the mountain area allows you to enjoy the joy of water. 
Ecological Health Zone has the beautiful jellyfish. There are also hotels and tea houses. Travelers can relax in the bamboo buildings, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the water and mountains. The zone is equipped with the modern facilities for dining and accommodation. 
Religious and Cultural Area reflects the Buddhism elements. In the green mountains and clear waters, the golden statue of Guan Gong is magnificent, which is the largest statue in the northern China. The Statues of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in Waterfall Cave and the Second Immortal King of Medicine in the Yaowang Temple attract people from all over the world to pray and worship.
Outdoor Adventure Area has many cliffs. The stone walls on Yunti Mountain are steep with grotesque rocks, dense forests and rugged mountain roads. What's more, the mountains have the well-preserved original vegetation and a variety of precious medicinal materials. It is a good place to explore the secluded and experience the ancient adventures.

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