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Baihua Park

Baihua Park or Hundred Flower Park is located in Licheng District, Jinan City, which is a newly-built park featuring plants, flowers and fountains. The park covers an area of about 180,000 square meters. It obtains precious trees, flowers and plants, with a green coverage rate of 82%. Many valuable trees such as white magnolia, green peach, privet and cedar are planted in the garden. It provides people with an ideal place for recreation and entertainment.
Layout of Baihua Park
Baihua Park has Baihua Spring Scenic Area, Lawn Scenic Area, Natural Garden, Sparse Forest Grassland, Bamboo Garden, Goldfish Bonsai Garden, Peony Garden, Reed Flower Garden and other scenic spots.
In March 2010, Baihua Park began to transform and upgrad. It mainly sorted out the layout of roads and squares in Baihua Park. The damaged roads and square paving materials were replaced. The infrastructure, service facilities, lighting system and green space were ungraded in the park. After the renovation work, Baihua Park has divided into several main scenic zones, namely the Virtue Cultural Zone, the Leisure and Entertainment Zone, the Fitness Zone, the West Gate Entrance Zone, the Ecological Cultural Zone and the Fountain Zone.
Baihua Spring Scenic Area is located in the west of Baihua Park. It is composed of various fountains, springs, pools, architectures, sculptures, trees and flowers, highlighting the fountain landscape. The Lawn Scenic Area faces to the east gate. The lawn space is mainly composed of cedar, which is lush and evergreen.
The Natural Garden has a natural viewing water surface of 15 square meters. There are bridges, pavilions, corridors, and piles of rocks along the water.
At the northwest end of the park is the Reed Flower Garden. The Reed Pavilion is built by the pool and reed flowers are planted on the banks.
The northeast corner of the park is an amusement park, with bumper cars, spacecraft, laser targets, and other recreational facilities, as well as other supporting service areas such as tea houses and restaurants.
Peony Garden is located in the north of the park, which covers an area of about 4,000 square meters. More than 5,000 peonies are planted on both sides of the road. During the blooming season, the scenery is very colorful and spectacular.

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