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Panlongshan Forest Park

Panlongshan Forest Park is built on the basis of original Heiyu Forest Farm in Licheng District, Jinan City. The park has a total area of 539.7 hectares which is 23 kilometers away from the urban area of Jinan. The park has the undulating hills and rich vegetation, with a forest coverage rate of 98.5%. The mountains are very beautiful throughout the year.
Panlongshan Forest Park has various scenic spots, such as Optimus Prime, Foyin Temple, Tangdou Spring and large-scale forest baths. Here, there are thousands of flowers blooming together in spring. There are green mountains in summer, colorful red leaves in autumn and snow in winter. Until the late autumn, the maple forests in the mountain were involved in a sea of fiery-red. The gurgling water and natural oxygen bar takes away the fatigue of your journey. There are high mountains, deep valleys, rugged rocks, clear springs, ancient trees and other natural landscapes in the park. 
There is a peak called "Dinghai Shenzhen" in Panlongshan Forest Park. According to legend, it is the iron made of the "Dinghai Shenzhen" in Journey to the West. The peak is far away from the main mountain, which emerges abruptly and straight into the sky. It is also called Optimus Prime. 
The Sihai Longwang Temple was built by the locals, who come here to worship and pray. 
The leisure resort area in the forest park includes Jiulongju Hotel, Forest Villa, Lover Valley, Yurt and so on. Jiulongju Hotel is mainly based on the pollution-free natural vegetables. In a European-style, the Forest Villa is located in the dense pine forest. It has the bamboo and wood structure, which is equipped with modern facilities and attentive service. The Lover Valley has a series of the delicate and unique tree houses, which hang in the forest like a fantasy dream. Panlongshan Forest Park is like a bright and precious pearl in the city, providing a good place for leisure and travel.
Here in the park, you can experience the mountaineering in the morning, enjoy the natural scenery and feel the pastoral life. Or you can take the boat ride in the Dragon Lake, wandering through the green mountains and clear waters. Or you can fish on the shore for leisure.

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