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Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall

Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall is located on Huangshan Mountain in Laiwu District, Jinan City. The memorial hall covers an area of 45,000 square meters and with a building area of more than 8,000 square meters. 
Background of Laiwu Battle 
The Laiwu Battle is recognized as one of the 100 classic battles in the world’s military history, which was fought by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The Chinese classic movies "From Victory to Victory" and "Red Sun" were all shot based on the Laiwu Battle. The Memorial Hall was rebuilt in 1997 on the basis of the original Laiwu Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery.
In 2007, in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Laiwu, the local government decided to invest more than 40 million Chinese yuan to upgrade the memorial hall. 
Features of Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall
The Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall is composed of three main buildings: the Revolutionary Martyrs Monument, the Exhibition Hall and the Panorama Gallery. They are arranged in the shape of the Chinese character "Pin". 
The Revolutionary Martyrs Monument is 19 meters high and the bottom side is 8.15 meters long. It is made of Taishan Mountain granite. The monument symbolizes the revolutionary martyrs who died in Laiwu Battle. The floral decorations of the entire monument are concise and generous, with outstanding themes. It is one of the 100 key monuments in China.
The Exhibition Hall has five parts, including the prologue hall, the pre-war hall, the battle hall, the supporting hall, and the hero hall. The design concept is novel and the exhibition content is rich.
The Panorama Gallery has a height of 17 meters, covering a ground area of 1,100 square meters. It simulates the actual combat scenes, simulates audio, natural light, etc., integrating "sound, light, and electricity" together, giving people the immersive and thrilling experience. The scenes have the strong artistic appeal with high values. 
The newly built Martyrs Memorial Hall, which was invested in 2011, has a construction area of 1,208 square meters. It consists of the Hall of Remembrance, the Martyrs Memorial Corridor and the Underground Martyrs' Ashes Hall. 

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