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Fantawild Oriental Heritage

Fantawild Oriental Heritage is located in Huaiyin District, Jinan City. The brand belongs to Shenzhen Huaqiang Fantawild Culture and Technology Group Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive theme park integrating high-tech equipment resources such as laser multimedia, three-dimensional special effects, miniature real scenes, reality shows and etc. It has a new interpretation of the traditional folk art through creativity and perfect combination of the essence of China’s culture and the modern tourism industry. Fangtawild Oriental Heritage is a theme park suitable for all ages especially the young people to explore the adventures.
Main attractions of Fantawild Oriental Heritage
The entire theme park is composed of 29 exclusive projects in 8 themed areas, which include more than 1,000 cultural subcategories. It has the ingenious combination of international fashion entertainment elements, such as cartoons, movie special effects and traditional Chinese cultural legends, forming fantastic and creative environment. 
The roller coaster Jungle Flying Dragon is a highlight of the park. It is all made of wood except for the foundation. This giant dragon runs between the hillsides and valleys, ups and downs, into the sky, making people feel shocked. At the same time, the Jungle Flying Dragon is the first wooden roller coaster with a flip in Asia.
China Verve regularly films giant-screen and three-dimensional movies. It tells the history of the development of Chinese culture and presents Chinese civilization, showing the unique charm and courage in a magnificent and grand manner.
Taking the love story of "Lady Mengjiangnv" as the basis, Mengjiangnv Area uses the architectural projection and large-scale controllable motion spherical array to reproduce this beautiful and unswerving love story. 
In the Colorful Kingdom, you can take a boat, shuttle on the small river, and enjoy the performances with ethnic customs on both sides of the river. The cheerful music, dynamic scenes, cute robots, ethnic decorations, intangible cultural heritage, folk costumes and ethnic characteristics of singing and dancing form a colorful fairy-tale ethnic world. 
The Festival Square gathers the classic songs, dances and celebrations together. People can feel the charm of the performance and enjoy the joyous atmosphere of the festival. 

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