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Liantai Mountain

Liantai Mountain is located in Jinan’s Changqing District. It is adjacent to the Lingyan Temple, one of the four famous temples in the south and faces to the Wufeng Mountain, the holy land of Taoism in the west. It is 25 kilometers away from Jinan in the north. The shape of Liantai Mountain looks like the lotus seat of the Buddhist, hence the name.
History of Liantai Mountain
Lou Jing, a great general of the Han Dynasty, once lived in the mountain, so the mountain is also known as Loujingdong Mountain. There are many historical sites in the mountain, including the Zhangxian Temple, Sanyuan Palace, Jade Emperor Hall and so on. Liantai Mountain has been known as "a paradise" since the ancient times, which is famous for its strange caves and dense forests.
Attractions of Liantai Mountain
The caves are one of the wonders in Liantai Mountain. Above the cliff, under the green pines and verdant cypresses, there are secluded, deep and mysterious caves everywhere. There are Loujing Cave, Qinglong Cave, Wangmu Cave, Sanqing Cave, Bagua Cave, Wind Cave, Yun Cave, Xiangu Cave, Fire Dragon Cave, Chaoyang Cave, etc., total 72 caves in the mountain. 
Some caves are unfathomable and each has its unique landscape. The largest cave is Loujing Cave. The cave runs through the mountain. The cave inside twists and turns and the colorful patterns on the cave wall can be seen clearly under the light. Looking to the south, Taishan Mountain is towering into the clouds, majestic and grand.
The river in the mountain is gurgling and the scenery is picturesque. There are more than 100 species of trees and over 30 species of birds in the mountain. It is known as the "First Natural Botanical Garden in Jiangbei". Roaming in the forest with the fragrance of birds and flowers is just like in a natural paradise. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Liantai Mountain. The red leaves cover the entire mountains, making it full of life and enchanting.
There are two hotels built in the mountain, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time. The hotel has a meeting room, multi-function hall, VIP room, etc. The recreational facilities include bowling, swimming pools, gymnasiums, KTV rooms, as well as tennis courts, urban golf, and fishing centers. Liantai Mountain now is not only the first choice for business activities, but also an ideal place for leisure vacation.

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