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Qushuiting Street

Qushuiting Street is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It is an old street with historical and cultural characteristics that is famous at home and abroad. Qushuiting Street starts from Daminghu Road in the north, turns to the east and ends at the north exit of Donggeng Street. It is 530 meters long and 2.8 meters wide, paved with asphalt.
Unique charm of Qushuiting Street
The history of Qushuiting Street can be dated back to the Northern Wei Dynasty. The famous geographer Li Daoyuan at that time had a record in Commentary on the Waterways Classic that it was a place where "every family has springs water and every household has the weeping willows". The whole area is dotted with the small bridges and flowing water. The whole area is attractive with the unique charm just like the water towns in the southern China.
Qushuiting Street connects Daming Lake, Hundred Flower Pond, Wangfu Pool and Furong Street. It is bordered by the Dewang Mansion in the east, and Jinan Fu Xuewen Temple in the west. The spring water from the Pearl Spring and the Wangfu Pool merges into a river, which is adjacent to Qushuiting Street. The old houses with blue bricks and shattered tiles are sitting at one side. On the other side is the clear spring with green algae. The whole street is rich in cultural and fascinating charm.
The people living along the street still keep the tradition of washing the clothes in the river. The ancient street is full of vigor and vitality in peace. The clear spring water can be seen everywhere in the courtyards, on the streets or alleys. It makes Jinan, an ancient northern city, full of the bright and charming of the southern water towns.
According to Xu Beiwen, the Professor of Jinan Cultural Research Center, until the 1949s, there were still many bookstores on both sides of the Qushuiting Street.

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