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Huancheng Park

Huancheng Park is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It is a bright pearl shining in Jinan. The Huancheng Park is built along the moat of Jinan, with a total length of 6.26 kilometers. It connects Baotu Springs, Pearl Springs, Black Tiger Springs, Wulongtan Springs and Daming Lake together, with beautiful and elegant gardens and clear water. The garden landscape featuring spring water makes the city’s scenery more beautiful. It is the National 5A Class Scenic Area. 
Main attractions in Huancheng Park
Along the east moat of the Huancheng Park is the Four Seasons Garden. From north to south, there are the Winter Garden, Spring Garden, Summer Garden and Autumn Garden.
The pine, bamboo and plum are planted throughout the Winter Garden, which is most suitable for enjoying the snow. The Spring Garden has the lush greenery and the spring scenery is sultry. The durian forest surrounds the wooden houses in Summer Garden and the summer trees are shaded. The Autumn Garden is full of the maple leaves and fruits, forming a landscape of harvest. The Four Seasons Garden also has various sculptures such as "Welcome the New Year", "Spring in Midsummer", "Playing Goose", "Wisdom", "Golden Autumn", "Coconut Juice", and "Playing with Children in Water", which highlights the characteristics of the garden.
The south moat is the Quanshi Garden centered on Heihu Spring. There are more than 20 spring pools such as Jiunv Spring, Baishi Spring, Mayao Spring and Pipa Spring in the garden. The strange rocks next to the springs are rugged. The Qingyin Pavilion, Wulian Pavilion, Pipa Bridge, Banyue Pavilion, Golden Tiger Pavilion, Duibo Pavilion and other antique buildings are of different styles. They are integrated with springs, pools, mountains, rocks, flowers and green trees, forming a beautiful landscape.
The Jiefang Pavilion is located at the southeast corner of Huancheng Park, across the river from the Black Tiger Spring. Jinan was liberated on September 24, 1948. In 1965, the Jinan Municipal People’s Government decided to build the pavilion here. In the Jiefang Pavilion, Marshal Chen Yi inscribed the three characters "Jiefang Pavilion", carved with stone and gilded.
The park is equipped with many amusement facilities, such as bouncing orangutans, spinning planes, swivel chairs, battery carts, and double-squeezed boats. It is also equipped with the service department, photography department, handicraft souvenir exhibition room and other service facilities to serve the majority of tourists.

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