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Jinan International Garden Expo

Jinan International Garden Expo covers an area of 5,176 acres, which is located in Jinan’s Changqing District, 25 kilometers from the city center. The lake area is 1,440 acres. It is currently the largest land-based Expo Park in China. Starting from April, 2018, Jinan International Garden Expo is officially open to the public for free.
Main parks at Jinan International Garden Expo
Jinan International Garden Expo is a large-scale comprehensive international expo park integrating garden landscape, eco-tourism, plant science, cultural expo, leisure and vacation together. It is also a new tourism landmark in Jinan.
The theme of the Garden Expo is "Cultural Inheritance, Scientific Development” and the concept is "Inheritance and Innovation, People-oriented, Ecological Harmony and Sustainable Development".
There are altogether 108 exhibition parks, including 17 cities in Shandong Province, 45 cities in other provinces, 21 foreign cities, 9 designer exhibition parks and 13 specialized parks. The theme parks are magnificent with their own characteristics.
The eight functional zones include public area, central lake area, domestic exhibition area, international future exhibition area, Shandong Province exhibition area, leisure and entertainment area, fun experience area, and nursery reserve area. The three themed buildings are Water Gate, Main Exhibition Hall and Science and Technology Museum.
Jinan Park is located on a small island in the southeast of Shandong Province exhibition area. The park highlights the cultural atmosphere and unique charm of the ancient city Jinan.
In the Jinan Park, there must be the couplets on the gate, which is also a major feature of the park. After the entrance, there is a pavilion with a hollow roof and a well below. The main building behind the pavilion is the Yingquan Building. It has two floors. The first floor displays about Jinan’s spring cultures and the folk customs. The second floor is a tea house for people to enjoy the tea and view the scenery. Through the wooden windows, you can enjoy the great views of the lake.
Through the veranda, you can hear the sound of the waterfall. There is a pavilion above the waterfall, named as Luoshang Pavilion, where you can overlook the whole garden.

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