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Wild World Jinan

Wild World Jinan is located in Zhangqiu District, Jinan. It is a national-level wildlife kingdom integrating tourism, animal and plant protection research, and popular science education together. The park has been open since September, 1999, which covers an area of about 2,200 acres with 92% of the forest coverage. It is currently the largest and most interesting wildlife park in China as well as one of the top parks in Asia. 
Highlights in Wild World Jinan
Wild World Jinan is divided into two parts, the northern part and the southern part. The northern part is the walking tour area and the southern is the bus tour area. The walking tour area is divided into various themed display areas, consisting of the Flower Valley, Jixiang Territory, Huxiao Valley, Ecological Performance Field, Snow Holy Land, Forest Kingdom, Panda Pavilion, Leopard Path, Chamber Adventure, Qinglong Impression, Hippo and Rhinoceros and Amusement Area.
The bus tour area separates into various display area based on the geographical habitats, which is composed of five areas, including the African grasslands, alpine mountains, Australian forests, wild areas and Asian grasslands. The area also has a combination of the free-range and captive breeding, where is the home to the rare and protected animals of more than 200 kinds. 
The herbivore zone is the largest stocking zone in Wild World Jinan. The area is densely forested and overgrown with green grass. The steep and gentle slopes are connected to the mountain basins. The antelopes, camels, yaks, takins, rhinos, wild donkeys, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, sika deer, elk, white-lipped deer, white-rumped deer and other rare wild herbivores from 13 countries and regions inhabit in the park, covering a total area of 2.56 million square meters. The zone forms unique ecological landscape in the park.
The beast area is another area in Wild World Jinan, where centralizes various fierce and dangerous animals. There are many species of tigers in the area, including the Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, some of which are very rare. The lions from Africa, brutal black bears and brown bears, cheetahs, wolves and foxes have formed their own tribes in the area. 
Many famous experts who have the rich experience in wild animal breeding are working for the Animal Breeding Center. The center also purchased a large number of the advanced scientific research equipments. It also built the animal hospitals, breeding rooms, breeding research institutes, nursery schools and other institutions to provide the comprehensive health protection for the wild animals. 

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