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Mt. Taishan & Qingdao Tours

  • Qufu Culture Tour
    Mount Taishan, Jinan & Qufu Culture Tour - 4 Days Jinan - Tai’an - Qufu In this 4-day tour, you will discover the magnificence of Mount Taishan, visit the UNESCO cultural sites in Qufu - the home of Confucius, and explore Jinan, known as ‘City of Springs’ for its 72 artesian springs inside urban area. Details
  • Qingdao
    Qingdao & Mount Taishan Essence Tour - 5 Days Qingdao - Mt.Taishan - Qufu This tour takes you to explore the most attractive places of Qingdao and Mount Taishan Scenic Area. You could enjoy the beautiful scene and leisure atmosphere in Qingdao and appreciate the magnificence of world renowned Mount Taishan. Details
  • Mount Taishan
    Mount Taishan & Confucius Culture Tour - 3 Days Mt.Taishan - Qufu This 3 days tour takes you to enjoy both magnificent natural landscape and precious cultural relics in world renowned Mount Taishan Scenic Area. Besides, at the home of Confucius you could know more about this great philosopher’s life and story. Details
  • Wine Appreciation Tour
    Wine Appreciation Tour - 4 Days Yantai - Qingdao Shandong is a cradle of Chinese wine production and home to the largest wine production base in Asia. A glass of wine or a cup of beer will impress you by the Chinese wine culture and the development of Chinese Wine enterprises. Details
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