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Fanggan Ecological Zone

Fanggan Ecological Zone is located in Laiwu District, Jinan. The tourist area is nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, belonging to the Taishan Mountains. The scenery is very beautiful with green mountains, clear rivers, singing birds and fragrant flowers, which is attractive in all seasons. It is praised as the "green paradise". The ecological environment is good with 90% of the area covering the forest vegetation. 
Various landscape of Fanggan Ecological Zone
There are nearly 100 types of plants, more than 20 wild animals and more than 100 species of birds, and 8 reservoirs in the scenic area. The area combines natural landscapes such as mountains, water, forests, springs, lakes, waterfalls, gorges, caves and rocks together. The three major themes of the zone include ecology protection, natural landscapes and folk customs.
The main landscapes of Fanggan Ecological Tourist Area include Jiulong Grand Canyon, Jintai Mountain, Shiyun Mountain, Tianmen Gorge, Wanshou Cliff, Riguan Peak, etc. The "Fanggan Eco-Tourism Festival" is held from July to August every year. The activities include natural scenery viewing, farm life experience and cultural performances appreciation.
The Jiulong Grand Canyon is 20 kilometers long, with towering ancient trees in the valley and abrupt peaks on both sides. There are mountains, springs, pools, waterfalls and caves in the canyon. The canyon still maintains its original appearance now. 
Jintai Mountain is majestic, resembling like Mount Tai with unique landscapes such as Gongbei Rock, Arhat Rock and Monty Python Rock on the top of the mountain.
Shiyun Mountain is 840 meters high above the sea level, with strange rocks all over the mountain. The shapes of the rocks are different and vivid. Countless caves have been formed under the rocks after being washed away by the flood. Some of the caves are as big as a living room, some are unfathomable and some are connected.
Tianmen Gorge is at the northern foot of Shiyun Mountain and is about 5 miles long. There are various valleys in the middle of the gorge. There are Valley of Lovers, Longfeng Valley, Luming Valley and Butterfly Valley, as well as various rocks and other landscapes. 

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