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Laiwu Lotus Mountain

Laiwu Lotus Mountain Scenic Area is located in Liujialin Village, Gaozhuang Town, 15 kilometers south of Laiwu District, Jinan City. The main peak of the mountain is 999 meters above the sea level, which is the highest peak in Jinan. The scenic area covers an area of 25 square meters. It is a famous tourist attraction featuring with both ecological and Buddhist culture. 
Main attractions of Laiwu Lotus Mountain Scenic Area
It was visited by Emperor Wu of Western Han Dynasty when he visited the immortal. He built the Yingxian Palace on the top of the mountain, so the mountain is also called as Gong Mountain. There are 36 hills and 72 deep valleys in the mountain. The main hills are Xinfu Mountain, Wanzhang Cliff, Jiming Mountain, Tianzhu Peak, Xianglu Mountain and Lotus Peak. Because the mountains are arched around like the lotus flowers, hence the name. 
Lotus Mountain has now built a 6-meter-wide road of 10 miles and the 3,000-meter climbing stairs. There are three main scenic spots and more than 120 small scenic spots. In the mountain, there are lush green cypresses and beautiful flowers, forming the gorgeous scenery with rich historical and cultural relics. On the mountain top, the big lake, called as the South China Sea, has become the unique landscape in Shandong. 
Baiyunling Scenic Area is named after the white rocks of the mountains, similar to the white clouds. The terrain here is gentle and deep with much unique stone scenery. There is the famous Granny Stone. According to legend, some villagers worship the stone as goddess, which can help people to eliminate disasters and diseases. The various stones with different postures are vivid, extremely realistic and charming.
Tianpuyu Scenic Area has the famous "Frozen Terrace" waterfall, which is about 300 meters long. In summer, the water from the mountain erupts like a galaxy hanging upside down. The waterfall falls from the sky. It is like a giant dragon coming out of the mountain, swinging its head and tail, swallowing clouds and fog, roaring and rushing out of the Lotus Mountain. In winter, the waterfall transforms into the dazzling ice, which looks like a sky mirror inlaid in the mountain. The scenery in winter is very unique and magnificent. Lotus Mountain is extremely mysterious, beautiful and charming.

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