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Jinan Battle Memorial Hall

Jinan Battle Memorial Hall is located in Shizhong District, Jinan City, at the foot of Yingxiong Mountain. With a total investment of 38 million Chinese yuan, it has a building area of 6,800 square meters. The Jinan Battle Memorial Hall was built in 1998 and officially put into use in 2003. It receives more than 300,000 people averagely from different regions each year. It is a National Patriotism Education Base. It is also a venue of commemoration activities martyrs in Shandong Province. 
Jinan Battle Memorial Hall consists of an exhibition hall and a Panoramic Gallery. 
The exhibition hall has 2 floors, dividing into 8 parts, including the Preface Hall, Game of War, Strategy of War, Fierce Battle of Jinan, etc. The exhibited cultural relics in the hall increased from 298 to 374. The exhibition contents are richer in detailed, which increase the attractiveness of the exhibition.
The Panorama Gallery is a circular dome building with an inner diameter of 42 meters. It is equipped with an umbrella-shaped suspended ceiling weighing 4 tons. It uses the largest domestically-produced ramie canvas, which is hung precisely along the inner wall in a cylindrical shape. It is 18 meters in length and 128 meters in circumference. There is a 1,260-square-meter battlefield restoration modeling area with 127 modeling works such as tanks and weapons. 
This panoramic painting was carefully created referring to a large number of historical materials of the Jinan Battle and the old city of Jinan. It uses the unique realistic technique and focuses on the fierce battle against Jinan. With the magnificent natural landscape and the old buildings in the city, the real scenes of the battlefield of massive artillery fire and majestic large-scale battles of fortifications and annihilation are presented.
The effect of multi-viewpoint composition is vivid. The accurately synthesized multiple analog audios and recording commentary plays a role with the interaction with the audience in harmony. 
This panoramic painting achieves a major breakthrough in the form of display and publicity. The audiovisual experience was just like on the scene. The audience would be strongly shocked by the tragic battle that took place in this ancient city. People can get a unique and refreshing artistic experience of about the war. 

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