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Xiuyuan River

Xiuyuan River Scenic Area is located 10 kilometers southwest of Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, with a total length of about 30 miles from north to south, including 10,000 acres of the water area and 10,000 acres of the green area. The scenic area is developed and constructed as the emerging leisure and tourist resort with complete supporting facilities. The construction of the scenic area closely shows the beautiful water landscape and the natural wetland landscape. 
When the morning light shines on the Xiuyuan River, looking from a distance, it is as graceful as a jade belt embedded in a picture of water and sky. The scenic area was nominated as the "New Eight Scenic Spots" in Jinan at the same time.
Features of Xiuyuan River Scenic Area
The Xiuyuan River is the most important project in Zhangqiu District. The project has been under construction since the beginning of 2011, with the largest investment scale in the urban development history of Zhangqiu. It is built into the landscape axis integrating business and finance, business services, ecological leisure, and residence.
It is also built with a first-class domestic and internationally advanced large-scale musical fountain and the water curtain movie. When the music suddenly rises, the sounds and lights are perfectly integrated. It creates a super visual feast and unparalleled shocking experience.
According to functions, the scenic area is divided into four sections, including the countryside resort area, central recreation area, leisure and entertainment area and ecological conservation area. The environment is elegant with fresh air, forming a natural oxygen bar. It is an excellent place for leisure, entertainment, fishing and sightseeing in the Jinan. 
The scenic area has a mild climate in four seasons. The saponins, ancient crape myrtle and other flowers are planted on both sides of the river, fragrant and beautiful. The egrets, wild ducks and other birds live along the river. The riverside is also equipped with ancillary facilities such as promenades and various lights, providing tourists with a relaxing place. It integrates the wetlands with the cultural and artificial landscapes together.

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