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Paomaling Wildlife Park

Paomaling Wildlife Park is located in Licheng District, 40 kilometers to the southeast of Jinan City. With an average elevation of more than 700 meters and the highest reaching nearly 900 meters, the park has an area of over 3,000 hectares. The park has convenient transportations from all directions. 
Main attractions in Paomaling Wildlife Park
The park has the abundant tourist resources, making a tourist belt of the southern mountainous district. In the park, animals live in harmony with the nature. The total planned area is over 10,000 acres with the wildlife park of 3,000 acres and forest park of 3,000 acres. 
Paomaling Wildlife Park has the quiet natural environment and magnificent ecological environment, its natural scenery is fascinating, with strange peaks, clear rivers, green mountains, and the fragrant flowers.
There are more than 10,000 precious wild animals and birds. The whole park is built by adjusting measures to local conditions. It is cleverly designed with a rational layout. The park has the deep and serene nature along with magnificent and beautiful ecology. The park is divided into five parts, including Integrated Service Area, Pedestrian Area, Herbivores Area, Forest Area and Beast Area.
The Herbivore Area is the largest stocking zone in Paomaling Wildlife Park. The area is densely forested and overgrown with green grass. The terrain is undulating. The steep and gentle slopes are connected to the mountain basin. The antelopes, camels, yaks, takins, rhinos, wild donkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, sika deer, elk, white-lipped deer, white-rumped deer, and other dozens of rare wild herbivores from 13 countries and regions inhabit in the park with a total area of 2.56 million square meters. It constitutes a unique ecological landscape.
The tigers, cheetahs, wolves, black bears, brown bears and other ferocious beasts are raised in the Beast Area. 
The African Corridor, Zhibu Bridge, Liangxin Bridge, Xieshou Pavilion, Totem Garden, Animal Taming Performance Hall, Ancient Qi Great Wall, Yuma Pavilion, Sightseeing Gallery, Wangyue Pavilion and other scenic spots in the Forest Area are perfectly integrated in the park.
The Pedestrian Area is surrounded by mountains and water, mixed with pine and maple. The area has a fusion of ecological wonders, monkey valley, sea lion performance hall, peacock park, Australian ostrich park, crocodile bay, bird lake, Mingcui valley, flower garden, strange stone, forest and other landscapes together. 

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