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Food Streets

Yinhuchi Jie

When night falls in Jinan, Yinhuchi Jie in the Hui district is going to be lively and smoky. As hawkers fan the flames of charcoal grills lining the street to roast up mutton and beef, the aroma of shaokao (barbecue on a stick) could really make your mouth water. They make crisp pancakes and delicious noodles too.

Furong Jie

On the north side of Quancheng shopping street, Furong Jie is a lively pedestrian alley filled with all kinds of restaurants and food stalls. Jinan’s local street food is “Youxuan’er”, a kind of fried cake crisp outside but sweet and soft inside. You should try it here.

Shandong(Lu) Cuisines

Sweet and Sour Carp: It’s traditional dish from Jinan. It’s stir-fried carp with sugar and vinegar, usually served with a modeling as the carp is going to leap which signifies good luck in Chinese culture.

Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce: It's called “Jiuzhuandachang” in Chinese, which means “nine-coiled large intestines”. This dish may sounds disgusting, however, it really is something you don’t want to miss. After cleaning the large intestines, chef will fry it in the oil until golden brown, then pour more than 10 kinds of secret hot sauces, finally douse in sweet and sour sauce. People would be able to taste crispy on the outside and softy inside, and the flavor of sweet, salty and spicy is just right.

Sweet Potato with Caramelised Sugar: This dish, very welcomed by children, is an incredible combination of meal and snack. Sweet potato would be fried in hot oil with a lot sugar in it until golden brown, then served at once. When you hold up one piece with chopsticks, you would see a golden thread links and sticks other piece in the plate.

Stir-fried Pig's Kidney: You will taste both salty and spicy (a little bit) just right in this dish. When preparing the dish, Jinan locals would cut the pig kidney into slices and filter the blood in it, then use ginger and Sichuan pepper to eliminate kidney’s smell. Stir-fried pig's kidney is one of the most famous Shandong cuisines.

Bazi Meat & Braised Pork Balls in Gravy: Although Shandong is a province near the Pacific Ocean and eat seafood a lot, the locals know how to cook delicious meat as well. The juicy pork meatball smells tempting, you must have a try; eat with beer, nothing could compare.
Seafood: For Shandong province located at the west side of the Pacific Ocean, seafood here is both fresh and delicious. Travelers could taste all manners of seafood in Jinan.

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