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Huangshan Tours

  • Mount Huangshan tour
    Shanghai, Mount Huangshan & Hangzhou Discovery Tour - 4 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Hangzhou This 4-day discovery tour invites you to experience the most attractive and modern city of China - Shanghai. You could also appreciate the breath-taking scenery in the Mount Huangshan, which is one of the top mountains in China. Enjoy a whole day exploration in Hangzhou, which is regarded as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Details
  • Mount Huangshan Photography Tour
    Mount Huangshan Photography Tour - 6 Days Huangshan Mount Huangshan, its Jagged granite peaks, uniquely shaped pine trees, and a sea of clouds create a spectacular landscape of great interest to artists and photographers. Details
  • Huangshan Hiking Tour
    Mount Huangshan Hiking Tour - 5 Days Huangshan Mount Huangshan, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage, is renowned for its amazing scenery made up of many granite peaks emerging out of a sea of clouds. If you are a hiking enthusiast, it is a great chance to discover Mount Huangshan on your own feet. Details
  • t Huangshan Biking Tour
    Mount Huangshan Biking Tour - 4 Days Huangshan This 4-day tour highlights ‘the Number One Mountain under Heaven’ - Mount Huangshan, which is listed as a precious World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. Morever, the cycling trip in the countryside of Huangshan and sighseeing to the ancient villages will bring an unforgettable experience to you. Details
  • Mount Huangshan
    Mount Huangshan Highlights Tour - 3 Days Huangshan This 3 days tour takes you to enjoy beautiful scenery in “Number One Mountain under Heaven” - Mt Huangshan. Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village are listed as World Cultural Heritage Site, the village completely persevered authentic and antique flavor Hui-style architecture. Details
  • Mount Huangshan Sunrise
    Mount Huangshan Sunrise Tour - 3 Days Huangshan This 3 days tour takes you to experience the beauty of Mt Huangshan. Staying overnight in the mountain top it’s convenient for you to enjoy sunrise scenery, one of the 4 most beautiful attractions of Mt Huangshan. Sightseeing in Hongcun and Xidi takes you to enjoy the stylish Hui-style architecture. Details
  • Hongcun Village
    Mount Huangshan & Ancient Villages Tour - 4 Days Huangshan This 4 days tour takes you to enjoy completely preserved Hui-style Architecture and life style in Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages. Mount Huangshan is listed as a precious World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. There you could experience spectacular scenery. Besides, Chengkan Village presents old mystery of Eight Diagrams. Details
  • Mount Huangshan
    Shanghai & Mount Huangshan Exploration Tour - Private Tour - 5 Days Shanghai - Mt Huangshan - Shanghai This tour starts from Shanghai, the famous charming metropolis in China. Then you will explore Mount Huangshan - the “Number One Mountain under Heaven”. Besides, you also have the chance to walk into the local village near Mount Huangshan and gain a full glimpse of renowned the Hui architectural culture. Details
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