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Xining is located on the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the political, economic, cultural and traffic center of Qinghai Province with an average altitude of over 2,200 meters. With a population of more than two million, Xining is the first city on the upper reaches of the Yellow River to achieve a population into the millions.

The activities of human beings in this region can be traced back to 2100 years ago. During the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties (206B.C.-220A.D.), owing to its developi...
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  • Xining Travel Season Tips
    Xining situates at the northwest of China, with an average altitude of 2275 meters. It belongs to the continental mid-drought climate, with rich sunshine. The annual average temperature is 3.2 centigrade. Enjoying a good location surrounded by high ...
  • Transportation in Xining Travel
    Xining Airport Services from and to the major tourism city, like Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Chengdu, are available. There are also some flights to Chongqing, Dunhuang, Golmud, and Urumqi. For times, Xining is a significant stop...
  • Xining Food
    Yogurt Yogurt in Xining is really very famous. Different from the yogurt you usually bought from supermarket. It is a green food and a healthy one. Xining yogurt isn’t liquid, but solid, which is just like "tofu nao". The authentic Qinghai yoghourt...
  • Xining Shopping Tips
    What to buy Dongchong Xiacao Dongchong Xiacao is a traditional Chinese medicine which is used as a tonic to increase the body's natural resistance to disease. It has been exported to other countries for a long time. In Xining, you can purchase a b...
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