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Echoing-Sand Mountain

Why is Echoing-Sand Mountain special?

Located 5 km (about three miles) south of Dunhuang City, the Echoing-Sand Mountain, for many Chinese well known as Mingsha Mountain, is celebrated for the sound of the moving sand. In 1994 it was acclaimed as the national key scenic spot. Together with the Crescent Spring and the Mogao Caves, the Echoing-Sand Mountain is most popular site in Dunhuang travel.


Echoing-Sand Mountain Highlights

Echoing sand
When breezes, the sand produces gentle, dulcet sounds akin to music. At first, the sand under your feet just whispers; but the further you slide, the louder the sound until it reaches a crescendo like thunder or a drum beat. Some say that the sand is singing, while to others it is like an echo and this is how the mountain gets its name.

The colorful magical sands
The sand of the mountain has many colors ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white. They are well known as the "five-color sand" which are regarded as three treasures of the local area along with the "iron-back fish" and "seven-star grass" from the Crescent Spring.

The Crescent Lake
About 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang City, the Crescent Lake, sometimes more famous as Crescent Spring, is surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain, which is fairly a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert. It gets its name because of its beautiful shape resembling a crescent fallen into the desert.

The wonders of the Gobi Desert
The blue Crescent Spring encloses the foot of the Echoing-Sand Mountain. Through the ages, the marvelous landscape is celebrated worldwide with the reputation "a pearl north of the Great Wall”. The two enjoy the title of "The Wonders of the Gobi Desert".

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