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Guilin Attractions

  • Li River

    Li River

    The Li River, which runs through the center of Guilin, is a complementary attraction to the peaks and a setting for displays of cormorant fishing. The Li River is famous for its fine views: verdant mountains, fragrant waters, mysterious grottoes, and exquisite rocks. Read more>>
  • Elephant Trunk Hill

    Elephant Trunk Hill

    Elephant Trunk Hill highlights its shape like a huge elephant drinking from the river with its trunk. It's the symbol of Guilin landscape and one of the most visited attractions. It owns a charming flavor in sunrise and sunset arousing imagination. Read more>>
  • Reed Flute Cave

    Reed Flute Cave

    Known as the Palace of Natural Arts, Reed Flute Cave's remarkable features impress domestic and foreign visitors alike. This limestone cave with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations makes the Reed Flute Cave well worthy of a visit. Read more>>
  • Guilin Fubo Hill

    Fubo Hill

    Fubo Hill, also called Wave-Subduing Hill, is located on west bank of Li River with half of the hill stretching into the river in central Guilin. It is 213 meters above sea level and only 62 meters above ground but could offer a great view overlooking the city. Read more>>
  • Yulong River

    Yulong River

    Yulong River is actually a tributary of Li River. It takes about half an hour from Guilin to Yulong River by automobile. The total length of the river is about 43.5 kilometers while the width measures about 40 to 60 meter. Read more>>
  • Longsheng


    Longsheng and the surrounding area is home to a colorful mixture of Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Miao cultures. Visitors are often fascinated by the diverse social customs of the ethnic groups and the spectacular scenery. Read more>>
  • Folded Brocade Hill

    Folded Brocade Hill

    Towering over the west bank of Li River, Folded Brocade Hill is renowned for its amazing scenery, stone carvings and bird aviary. Read more>>
  • Yuzi Paradise

    Yuzi Paradise

    Located in the unique and unspoiled natural surroundings of Guilin, Yuzi Paradise is to be built as a living museum and leave a fine cultural heritage for future generations. Read more>>
  • Big Banyan Tree

    Big Banyan Tree

    The Big Banyan Tree was planted in the Sui Dynasty. Its age and towering beauty make this tree a must- see attraction in Yangshuo. The Big Banyan scenic area is just like a Chinese landscape painting, full of artistic inspiration. Read more>>
  • Moon Hill

    Moon Hill

    Moon Hill is a well-known attraction Yangshuo. This karst peak features a large, semi-circular hole in the top which is visible from far away. When looked at from different locations, it resembles from the new moon to a full moon. Read more>>
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