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Lanzhou Attractions

  • Zhongshan Bridge

    Zhongshan Bridge

    The service life of Zhongshan Bridge expired in 1989. Other bridges are planned to replace the Zhongshan Bridge, but none can replace its great value in history or its great work over its 80 years. The Zhongshan Bridge is a historical symbol and a cultural relic in Lanzhou. Read more>>
  • Gansu Provincial Museum

    Gansu Provincial Museum

    With 7,500 square meters of exhibition space, the Museum mainly features five exhibition halls: the Hall of Gansu Historical Relics, the Hall of Gansu Natural Resources, the Hall of Jiayuguan Murals of Wei and Jin Period, the Hall of the Yellow River Ancient Elephants, and the Hall of Red Army's Lon... Read more>>
  • Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves

    Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves

    Situated about 35 kilometers west of Yongjing County in Lanzhou city, Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves, also called Bingling Grottoes, is a famous religious attraction ranking the second after the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang in respect of artistic value. Read more>>
  • Five-spring Park

    Five-spring Park

    Lies at the north foot of Gaolan Mountain in Lanzhou city, Five-spring Park occupies an area of 266,400 square meters on Five-springs Mountain, which ranks as the largest park in Lanzhou. Read more>>
  • Waterwheel Park

    Waterwheel Park

    Waterwheel Park is comprised of two waterwheels, a cofferdam, the recreation area and a house of water mill, which will provide an insight into the irrigation tools of the ancient times as well as some recreation activities. Read more>>
  • White Pagoda Park

    White Pagoda Mountain Park

    Located in the north of Lanzhou City, the White Pagoda Park gains its name for the 17-meter-high White Pagoda standing inside. The pagoda has a unique shape and exquisite structure, which is an excellent example of ancient pagodas. Read more>>
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