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Qingdao Travel Overview

Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city surrounded by the sea on three sides in the southeastern Shandong Province, which owns the largest bathing beach of Asia. Qingdao is famous for its beautiful city view, long colonial history and profound culture. It is one of China’s most important ice-free trade ports.

Qingdao covers an area of 11200 square kilometers, owning a population of 8.71 million by the end of 2010.

Qingdao is a famous tourist destination which embodies beauty of natural landscape and prof...
  • How to Arrange Your Qingdao Trip
  • Qingdao Travel Season Tips
    Qingdao, as a coastal city located to the west of the Yellow Sea, is situated in Southern Shandong Peninsula and North Temperate Zone, with the annual average temperature of about 12.3 ℃. Thanks to the impact of marine climate, Qingdao enjoys pleas...
  • Transportation in Qingdao Travel
    Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport is the second-largest airport in east China after Shanghai. Its routes extend in all directions. It has flights arrive and depart more than 30 cities across the ...
  • Qingdao Food
    Qingdao cuisine belongs to Shandong Cuisine, which is emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness and known the China for its clear, pure and not greasy food. Besides, as a coastal city, Qingdao has over 300 varieties of fish and crustace...
  • Qingdao Shopping Tips
    What to buy Seafood Qingdao embraces the ocean from its three sides, thus making it one of the major production areas of seafood products in China. Tourists who want to taste some fresh seafood can go to Nanshan Seafood Market, which can be reache...
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