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Wuhu Mountain

Wuhu Mountain or Five Tigers Mountain is located in Xiangqian Town, Minhou County and 35 kilometers away from Fuzhou City. It was the natural boundary between Min County and Houguan County in the ancient times. Looking south from Fuzhou City, the mountain looks like a square stone, so it is also called "Fangshan Mountain". The mountain covers for 2,230 hectares, which is the National 3A Class Scenic Area.  
Main attractions at Wuhu Mountain
Wuhu Mountain is formerly known as Jiushan Mountain, because it has nine hills side by side on the north bank of Luan River. There are nine springs gushing and merging into Luan River, like nine silver dragons playing in the water.
There is an important traffic road - Mi Road in the north of the mountain. According to the records in "Yongping Prefecture", in 1671 of Qing Dynasty, the mountain road was rugged and inaccessible. A businessman named Duan Wende from Jiexiu County, Shanxi Province donated resource for rebuilding the road. The road brings more convenience for the business travel, which is the main way to the top of Jiushan Mountain. The Qing Emperor Kangxi went through Mi Road 14 times for hunting in the mountain.
The five main peaks of Wuhu Mountain are high and towering. The five peaks seem like five tigers staying together from the distance, hence the name. The five tigers from north to south are named Small Tiger, Big Tiger, Baimian Tiger, Qiwei Tiger and Huihu Tiger separately. Among them, the first four tigers stay side by side, facing to Fuzhou in the north. The Huihu Tiger Peak faces to the south with an altitude of around 611 meters, which is the highest among the five peaks.
At the end of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Chen Youding once sent troops to garrison here. The original site still exists. The famous scholar Zhu Xi from Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) once had been here once. He built Yincui Pavilion and left the poem "Fangshan".
There are 28 scenic spots at Wuhu Mountain. The famous ones are Wulingyan Temple, Fangshan Temple, rock carvings, Zhuxi House and ancient roads. Wuhu Mountain belongs to the Danxia landform area. Wuhu Mountain has the steep cliffs, strange stones, valleys, deep caves, buckling streams and gurgling waters.
There are 513 kinds of plants in Wuhu Mountain. There are also 100 acres of the precious Luya Tea, Taxus Chinensis, Fujian Cypress and other national key protected plants on the mountain. There are 261 kinds of terrestrial wildlife, 21 of which are the national key protected animals. 

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