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Fuzhou Museum

Fuzhou Museum locates at Wenbo Road, Fuzhou’s Jin’an District. It was founded in 1987. The original site is located in the Yushan’s Dashi Hall. The new site covers an area of 14.47 acres with a total construction area of 11,198 square meters. It was officially opened to the public in 2000. Fuzhou Museum integrates the functions of collection, protection, appreciation and research of Fuzhou’s cultural relics together. It mainly displays the glorious history of Fuzhou through exhibitions and cultural exchange activities. It also promotes the unique local culture of Fuzhou. 
What to see at Fuzhou Museum?
Fuzhou Museum’s construction style has the unique local features. The building is designed in the courtyard style, reflecting the styles of ancient Fuzhou buildings. The overall planning layout reflects the profound connotation of the historical and cultural city, and a certain sense of fashion. It has become a landmark in Fuzhou.
The cultural relics in the exhibition include ceramics, bronzes, Shoushan stone carvings, calligraphy, painting, silk fabrics, lacquerware, jade, ancient furniture and ancient wood carvings. Among them, the collection of Shoushan stone carvings, paintings and silk fabrics are the most distinctive and most precious. 
There are two fixed exhibitions: Fujian History and Culture Exhibition and Fuzhou Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage Exhibition.
From the ancient times to the Revolution of 1911, Fujian History and Culture Exhibition introduces the memorable historic events thoroughly. Fuzhou with a long history is rich in cultural and historic heritages. As early as the early Neolithic age of 7,000 years ago, human civilization has emerged here. During Warring States Period and the Qin and Han dynasties, the "Minyue people" born in the social turmoil created the "Minyue culture" that has flourished through the ages. Through the high-tech methods, the exhibitions are interesting and vivid. 
The international trade in Fuzhou is well-developed. During the Qin and Han dynasties, there were the close communications with overseas countries. During the Three Kingdoms Period, a shipbuilding base was established here. Since the mid-Tang Dynasty, Fuzhou became an important starting point for the ancient Maritime Silk Road. The world-famous Zheng He’s navigation also sailed from here. In the modern times, it was regarded as one of the modern five treaty ports. Fuzhou Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage Exhibition shows the important role that Fuzhou has played in the development process of Maritime Silk Road, through photos, documents, picture materials and scene restoration.
In addition, the Fuzhou Museum has continuously launched new well-planned thematic exhibitions with distinctive themes and novel forms, as well as various temporary exhibitions in various themes.

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